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There is no use of spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to design a website if no one comes to see it.   If your site cannot be found on top of page #1 in Google search engine result page (serp),  you'll get no business, no matter what you offer and regardless of  how beautiful your website is designed. 

If you are a businessman that simply like to see your website on the first page of Google and can skip the education.  There is a lot to learn, do you have time or would you rather concentrate on your business and let us do the job of placing you on the first page of Google. Get your site on top now

  By the use of new concept known as Power Backlinks (PBL) we increase the inherit benefit of each backlink many times over.  The results are instant, instead of spending months on building up regular backlinks, BackLinksTrafficSeo.com can place a brand new website on top of the 1st page results of Google in as little time as 48 hours!  


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The 7  essential parts of a  website

What is optimization?

How to optimize?
2 types of optimizations
What is a PageRank and how it is related to backlinks optimization
What is a quality link?

What are backlinks?

Backlinks Encyclopedia

How 2 types of optimization

backlinks seo rocket websites to the top?

Power backlinks (PBLs)- are more powerful than non-optimized regular backlinks

What is website PR?

What is natural search engine optimization (SEO)?

The only 3 factors that determine your site ranking

From a search engine point of view there are only 3 things that determine your ranking position they are: 

Subject (keywords) popularity,


and Backlinks

 subject-popularity  is measured by the number and PR value of competing WebPages in  the same category, keywords or subject of your own website. The more popular the subject of your website the bigger the number of  competing WebPages you'll need to overcome.  A popular key word can have ten of millions competing WebPages, a less competing key word can have ten of thousands or hundreds of thousands competing web pages.  Backlinks  and particularly optimized power backlinks (PBLs) are  by far the most important influencing factors of all factors in deciding how well your website shows up on search engine results page . Backlinks acquisition in general, optimizing backlinks for added power and  onsite optimization, comprises the only factors that can penetrate the top of the serp.  


What are Power Backlinks -PBLs

PBLs are backlinks on steroids they drive their extra power from the fact that they connected to other PBLs and by correct connection they magnify each other to create a powerful effect. It is like several fright-train locomotives tie-up together to create  a much needed power to move a big cargo train. 

According to Merriam -Webster dictionary: "Optimize- to make as perfect, effective, or functional as possible" 

PBLs are optimized quality links (different than optimized website) that work together to achieve top placement on serp. Like enriched uranium or concentrated laser-beam it produces much greater results when optimized.    

The concept behind the PBLs is not new, many good SEOs have been using it knowingly or unknowingly. What's new is the  the systematic application of the concept to bring any keyword or phrase to be placed on top position  of serp quickly and for fraction of the cost and man-hours normally required to acquire quality backlinks.

The exact method used is being kept confidential however it is 100% white hat. and the result are long lasting. 

The PBL prove itself times and times again without fail. It is not just a theory it a practical method to get websites to top position on Google  for any keywords

Organic search results will be very much improved by the PBLs because the optimized back links are "increases" the apparent  PageRanks of  websites especially  PR4, PR5, PR6, PR7, PR8 and PR9

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