Essential parts of a  website

There are 7 essential factors of the website but only the last 3 are directly affecting the position in search Engine Results Page, SERP. 
    Repeat business and retention of customers To get top ranking on search engine result page
1 Site Purpose Vital Not a factor
2 Functionality Very Important Not a factor
3 Design Important Not a factor
4 Content (Quality) Very Important Almost negligible

Subject popularity

(key words)

Very Important Important
6 Optimization Not a factor Vital
7 Backlinks Not a factor Vital

The first 4 essentials (Site purpose, Functionality,  design and content ) are of utmost importance to your website in order to have repeated business and the retention of customers. Despite their importance, at present time,  these first 4 essentials are not being seen by the search engines spiders and are only and solely being assumed to exist  by the presence of backlinks. 

Search engine "logic" is based on the assumption (often wrong) that  inbound links to your website from well respected  (high PR)  websites is a clear evidence that your website is important,  functioning well, have desirable content and  therefore deserved high positioning on serp. In the future that may change but for now the search engine have a blind spot  and that how  you can squeeze yourself to the top of serp.


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The 7  essential parts of a  website

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